4 Quick Tips for Writing High-Quality Content

4 Quick Tips for Writing High-Quality Content

4 Quick Tips for Writing High-Quality ContentThe update to the search function was announced last month and will make it easier for people to find high quality content. The new ranking improvements are designed to stop low-quality or unoriginal content from appearing high in rankings.

The update will focus on what is called human-first content instead of what is called “seo-first” content. If you search for information about a new movie, you might have already seen articles that aggregated reviews from other sites without adding perspectives beyond what’s available elsewhere on the internet. If you’re expecting to read something new, this isn’t very helpful. You will be more likely to read something you haven’t seen before with this update.

What does that mean for small businesses in the promotional products industry that use content marketing to raise their online profile and establish themselves as authority on branding and logoed goods? There isn’t need to panic according to experts. Heather Clarke, marketing and communications manager for aloSIM, a company that sells, thinks that the new changes will penalize the sites that only cater to crawls and reward the ones that create quality content that appeals to real people.

It is important to take a look at your content strategy to make sure you are serving your intended audience well. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your content is customer-centered.

1 Don’t pay attention to what you don’t know.

When it comes to content marketing, it is important to pay attention. Establishing your business as an expert in your field will be aided by high-quality content. Sarah Brodsky is a digital analyst for search marketing firm 9Sail. Writing about areas of your business that you know well and have personally experienced shows an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand.

2 Don’t make it hard to read.

It’s important that your articles are easy to digest and easy to understand. Small blocks of text can be used. Photos and Infographics can break things up. Jessica says people don’t like reading large blocks of text It doesn’t get a good response when they get distracted.

3 Don’t use words that are difficult to use.

It is still important to include the words “seo” in your writing, but they shouldn’t make it awkward.

You should find ways to incorporate your research into a piece without making it seem forced. It is a delicate dance, trying to find the right balance between writing in a personable way and writing in a way that is relevant to your target audience. Even the best content won’t work if no one finds it.

It is important that your topic meshes well with yours. The reader should feel more educated after reading your post, says Aissa Djalo of Tiny Giants Co.

4 Content needs to be fresh.

If you’re a harried small business owner with too much on your plate, it’s tempting to repost evergreen content. Brodsky says that if small businesses have been repeating or reposting their content, it will do more harm than good. Even if they’re repeating topics, all text should be unique and the perspective should be new.

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