7 Enterprise SEO Tools For Keyword Research, Compared

7 Enterprise SEO Tools For Keyword Research, Compared

7 Enterprise SEO Tools For Keyword Research, ComparedIf you don’t have access to the right tools, you can’t do your job. It is time to talk about the research tools that are used for enterprise-level clients.

You need to use research tools that can handle the amount of data you will be generating and show you the metrics that matter to you and your clients.

Some heavy hitters and some tools you may never have heard of are included in this list. The big ones are big for good reasons, but they shouldn’t be brushed off by the lesser known players.

Let’s get started. There are seven enterpriseseo tools that are used for research.

1 You can botify.

There is aScreenshot from Botify.

There is pricing.

There are three pricing tiers: essential, pro, and enterprise.

Botify is what it is.

Why did Botify make this list at the top?

It is an all-in-one tool for enterprises. It can handle up to 250 URLs a second.

You can see engagement data, query tracking, and log files in a single place with Botify Analytics. If you want to address the most important issues on your website, Botify Intelligence will help you prioritize the issues that are most important to you.

It’s easy to see why Botify is a winner.

Why does botify work for enterprise research?

enterprise businesses can use botify to find the best opportunities in their current rankings
You can build lists of topics with any of them.
Search console-level data is used by Botify to show users pages with good impressions but low click-through rates.

With the help of Botify’s tool, you can perform research with all the best tools. It allows you to find your most relevant current rankings.

2 Searchmetrics are used.

There is pricing.

Basic packages can be tailored at the enterprise level.

Searchmetrics is what I’m wondering.

Searchmetrics has a good brand. It is a versatile Swiss-army knife that can be used for search engine research. You can use the tool to research metrics and pay per click data. You can write more focused articles if you test them out. It allows you to look at your portfolio.

Searchmetrics packages into its enterprise packages as well.

Searchmetrics works for enterprise research.

In the platform’s upper package levels, enterprise businesses can access 50,000 to 200,000 rankings, which should give them more data for in-depth research.
Search volumes and movements are included in the research reports.
The platform has a tool that allows you to compare your rankings against others.

Searchmetrics has packages that cater to the needs of enterprises and volumes they need.


There is pricing.

99-599 is the monthly amount.

What is this thing called SisTRIX?

You can use SISTRIX to do everything you need to maintain your rankings and keep your website up to date.

It shows you search volumes, competition, and trends and allows you to create your own set of words. You can review the approaches of your competitors to see if you can improve.

Along with its side audits, content analysis, and paid media data, are some of the features of SISTRIX.

There is a reason that SISTRIX works for enterprise research.

You can use the tool to explore seed terms and related data.
You will see historical trends and competition for all of your potential search terms, which will help you make better decisions.
You can use the platform to add up to 10,000Keywords to a list.

The ability to create 10,000-strong keyword lists will be appreciated by enterprise businesses. Large-scale companies need to be able to access that kind of volume.

4 There is a Semrush.

There is aScreenshot from Semrush.

There is aScreenshot from Semrush.

There is pricing.

$119.95 per month

Semrush is a question about what it is.

Semrush is one of the best enterprise research tools. There is a lot of information to be found with this tool, from audits and data to current rankings and content marketing topics.

It is one of the most well-known all-in-one search engines. You get a good value for your money.

Semrush is one of the best tools out there for presenting data, even though it doesn’t have access to direct Google data.

Semrush works for enterprise research.

Search volume, historical trends, difficulty, and cost per click are some of the insights that are presented in the study.
Semrush hasPukiWikiPukiWikiPukiWiki ideas from its database ofPukiWiki ideas.
You can build a list of your own with 1000 words or less.
Between you and your competitors, look for gaps.

Semrush is a premier research tool for enterprises.


There is pricing.

What is the name of the product?

The platform claims to be an all-in-one platform with a forward- looking philosophy. You can use it to assemble all of the above in one tool.

The tool pushes a data-based approach to the field of search engine Optimisation.

What works for enterprise search?

More than 30 billion sets are available in more than 170 countries, according to the platform’s claim.
You can see related ideas.
Billions of searches yielded Keyword Trends
You can see your competitors’ top 100 rankings on any search engine.
The previews of the SERPs for those terms can be seen with your daily ranking.

One billion new words are added to the monthly repository of the tool, making it a heavy hitter for enterprise-level research.

6 The long tail pro.

There is aScreenshot from Long Tail Pro.

There is pricing.

$37 a month. $297 per year.

What is the name of the long tail pro?

Longtail Pro focuses on the long-tail angle.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using long-tailkeywords.

Think of a heavy hitter that needs to make its product pages more user friendly.

The tool has an A-game in competitor research that allows you to search and instantly get back the results you were looking for.

A current rankings tracker, backlink analyzer, and site audit tool are included in Long Tail Pro.

Long tail pro works for enterprise research.

You can get back thousands of long-tail variant of a seed term by searching.
You can get up to 400 long-tail versions of a term from the search engine.
You can group them by any metric you want.

You can use the strategies of your competitors to your advantage by putting them up against each other.

There are benefits to focusing on a long-tail approach.

Long-tail terms are often said to be easier to rank for and also located further down the sales funnel, which is why you see e- commerce brands optimizing product pages for them.

Long Tail Pro is a great tool for creating a robust long-tail strategy. It’s perfect for large operations.

7 Ah Refs.

There is aScreenshot from Ahrefs.

There is pricing.

Ahrefs is what I’m wondering.

Like many of the tools on this list, Ahrefs is a comprehensiveseo platform that lets you do a lot of things.

Ahrefs can do anything you need them to do for you. This platform allows you to track your backlink, check for duplicate content, examine your Javascript, and do a lot more.

Ahrefs is a good tool for enterprise research.

The largest third-party repository of the word “Keyword” is found in theKeyword Explorer tool.
You can get access to more than 7 billion ideas.
There are data from over 170 countries.
There are 10 search engines that offer the words.
Clicks per search, percentage of paid clicks, and other metrics are shown.
Search volume data is updated every month.

Ahrefs is a platform that you can’t afford to miss when it comes to the amount of options you have.

Data from countries and search engines will help enterprise businesses. This is the place where you can get comprehensive.

Which enterprise research tool is right for you?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an online marketing tool.

Huge price tags are included in some of the research tools mentioned in this post.

When you use the tools effectively, the costs are justified because you can make more money by using the tools.

As any other company, enterprise businesses need to be careful about theirKeyword strategies. These are tools that can be your friends.

There are more resources available.

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