Google search expansion could be wake-up call for marketers

Google search expansion could be wake-up call for marketers

Google search expansion could be wake-up call for marketersAt its third annual Search On event Wednesday, the company shared more details on how it is broadening search beyond the text bar. Executives said that richer offerings related to visual, language and multimedia-based search are meant to create a “natural and intuitive” experience.
It is essential to search with text. The age of visual search is here, said a senior vice president at the internet giant. A camera isn’t just a device for creating content. It allows you to understand the world around you.
The tech giant contends with younger consumers flocking to video and creator oriented mobile apps like TikTok when exploring the web while brands follow suit.

Noam Dorros, an analyst at Gartner, said over email that TikTok is Gen Z’s preferred search platform for all things. This advancement towards more natural, intuitive exploration with multimedia search is due to the fact that Google understands what drives consumers to platforms like TikTok.

The company owns a suite of products, from Maps to its Lens camera technology, that could be used for search purposes. Search On could serve as a wake-up call for marketers who have prioritized text-based tactics.

Dorros said that brands that continue to focus on text search are doing their marketing plans a disservice.
Predicting what a person might be interested in based on general queries is one of the ways in which the mainstay text search is being improved. A person planning a trip to Mexico might receive an autofill suggestion with more specificity, such as “best cities in Mexico for families” and then see Oaxaca on a list of recommendations. Clicking the result spotlights relevant information like user-generated content posted to other platforms about the city rather than just showing the location and a static image.

Consumers in the food category will now be able to find nearby restaurants with the exact meal they are looking for instead of combing through individual menu items. Digital menus are easier to navigate and more information-rich, as well as providing a deeper view into what restaurants have to offer beyond flat star ratings, such as descriptions of the atmosphere, interior photos and more.
Sophia Lin, director and general manager of Google’s food vertical, said that the incoming generation of users might be interacting with products differently than they used to.
Multisearch, a feature that allows users to apply text and image queries at the same time, was promoted as a way to enhance web deep dives. Multisearch near me, which uses a location-based element to find what the user is looking for, will be available in English later this year.
3D models for sneakers, a shop-the-look format, more personalized recommendations, and buying guides are some of the new features that are being added to the shopping section of the internet giant. The shift to digital and omnichannel strategies accelerated under the pandemic, and these developments show how Google could attract more interest from merchant categories.
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We have been looking at food for a while. Lin said that restaurants are one of the most frequently asked questions. What is different now is how advanced machine learning has become. The experience of finding a food lot easier is what we’re looking at.
Some of the big business drivers of the company are facing some challenges. The video-sharing platform is in a rut and is investing a lot in a new format called Shorts. Search and other bets brought in over 40 billion dollars in the second quarter, but ad growth is slowing due to a tough macroeconomic environment.

Consumers are turning to other sites to find stuff, which could pose a long-term problem for the company. Amazon is the leading hub for online shopping and has moved aggressively into ads. People looking for in-depth, community-led discussions are more likely to use sites like Reddit if they are dissatisfied with their search results. A new discussion and forums tab was unveiled at Search On.

“Anything short of that would not have allowed them to be the leading search engine today.”

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