Intuit Mailchimp Takes the Guesswork out of Growing Your Business With New Fall Campaign

Intuit Mailchimp Takes the Guesswork out of Growing Your Business With New Fall Campaign

Intuit Mailchimp Takes the Guesswork out of Growing Your Business With New Fall CampaignThe Daylight Time ends in September.

The new brand campaign for the email marketing and automation platform, “Guess Less, Sell More,” uses playful, slightly strange visuals and assets to help illuminate how easy it is for small to mid-sized businesses to take it.

The team at Wink wanted to make people think and second guess what they are seeing on the screen.
That’s right.
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The idea for the campaign was dreamed up by the in-house creative agency, Wink Creative, and it was shot by SMUGGLER and Rhmann. To bring the avant garde visual elements to life, Wink and Bjrn chose to shoot in Prague because of the city’s incredible art direction and set building talent, both of which were an important part of the shoot.

Jeremy Jones, Global Campaigns Director, Mailchimp said, “Our team at Wink intended for these visuals to stop people in their tracks, making them think and second guess what they’re watching on the screen.” When it comes to maximizing the potential of their email marketing campaigns, we wanted to recreate the feeling of being stuck for viewers that marketers feel when trying to figure out how to grow their business.

Cat, owl, bat, sandwich, sandals, and a witch are just some of the items featured in the film “Guess Less, Sell More”

The bar for creativity is high because our audience is made up of marketers. “We hope that viewers will tilt their head at the playful oddity and slightly absurd visuals, and draw a line to the ways that growing businesses and marketers can figure out the challenges that may be in the way of growth and profitability” The visuals of the campaign are a continuation of the creativity marketers have come to love and expect from Mailchimp.

Data and creativity can be used to eliminate guess work.

When it comes to scaling a business, marketers don’t have much time for guessing. They need a clear eyed view on how to craft stellar campaigns that attract new and returning customers. Half a billion emails are sent each day on the platform, which is powered by the millions of customers that send them. The data points allow the Mailchimp platform to help take the guess work out of email marketing for its sophisticated small and mid-sized business marketers and customers who need expert tools that keep up with their ever-diversifying marketing needs The campaign was intended to express the benefit of next-level products in a fun and unique way.

A number of design and advertising campaign projects across the Mailchimp brand have been created by the in-house creative agency. A small and mighty crew made up of 40+ multi-disciplinary creatives who believe creativity has the power to change behaviors and shape the world is what Wink is.

Mailchimp can help you scale with our powerful marketing automation tools and data insights, no matter where you are on the marketing journey. The full breadth of the Mailchimp platform can help eliminate the guesswork of reaching more people in the most sophisticated and engaging ways, as well as having fun along the way.

At this year’s New York Fashion Week, the first-ever NYFW: The Shows capsule collection will be presented by Mailchimp. The Black in Fashion Council is teaming up with Mailchimp to make it easier for emerging designers to grow their businesses. The pop-up show will feature five designers from the BIFC and will be hosted by Mailchimp. The limited-edition designs will be available in person at Spring Studios in NYC and online at for free.

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There is a website called Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform. Millions of customers around the world are given world-class marketing technology, award-winning customer support, and inspiring content by us. You can find and engage customers across email, social media, landing pages, and advertising with data-backed recommendations from Mailchimp. In the year 2021, Mailchimp was bought by Intuit.

It’s about Intuit.

Customers and communities can overcome their most important financial challenges with the help of a global technology platform. We believe that everyone should have the chance to prosper, and we serve over 100 million customers with our products. We are always looking for new ways to make that possible. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please visit us.

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