Amazon expands email marketing tools for brands seeking new customers

Amazon expands email marketing tools for brands seeking new customers

Amazon expands email marketing tools for brands seeking new customersThe Tailored Audiences tool was unveiled at the Accelerate conference by Amazon.
To help sellers reach loyal, high-spending and new shoppers beyond those who follow their pages, the idea is to help them. Email performance metrics such as click-through rates, delivery rates, opt-out rates, sales and conversions will be tracked by the platform.
Amazon said Tailored Audiences will be available to US sellers early next year. As Amazon makes a bigger push into digital advertising, it’s opening channels for sellers to market directly to customers.

Amazon is adding email marketing capabilities for sellers to help them attract new shoppers. While Tailored Audiences won’t be widely available in the U.S. until next year, marketers will be able to test out the product in the upcoming holiday season. At Accelerate this week, the tool was one of several announcements.

Consumers have been able to follow their favorite brands on Amazon to get notifications about special deals and shopping events. For the first time, sellers can send similar email messages to a larger group of customers.

According to Amazon executives, the offering is a response to brands wanting to increase customer lifetime value. A double-edged sword for merchants that account for more than half of its physical product sales but need to stand out in a growing sea of goods is that Amazon is expected to capture nearly 40% of e- commerce sales in the U.S.

The platform has a complicated relationship with sellers and Tailored Audiences could be a way to win favor with third parties. Customers who don’t want emails in their inbox could be annoyed by it.

The email marketing perk is going to be made free by the e- commerce giant.

The director of e- commerce at Sports Research said that Amazon is helping to put more control into the hands of brands around how they market to their customers. Email marketing is what we want to keep our customers coming back to us.

There are new ways for sellers to gussy up their presence on the site. Merchants can use the Premium A+ Content tool to integrate richer media modules into their product pages. According to Amazon, brands using the feature have seen an increase in sales.

The business of e- commerce is slowing down due to the swine flu. Amazon’s online retail sales fell for the second straight quarter in the second quarter to $50.86 billion. Ad sales were up 18% in the second quarter to $8.76 billion.

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