Hotel Digital Paid Media Planning

Hotel Digital Paid Media Planning

The budget season begins. Are you stuck in paid media for your hotels?

There are different strategies and budgets for paid media for hotels.

There isn’t a single magic bullet that will bring in your perfect guest at the right time.

Before you start working on your paid media plan.

You need to know what is and isn’t working before you start spending money on digital advertising.

Don’t take last year’s spend and increase it. It’s not going to be fruitful to make any decisions in the last 2 years.

You will get better buy-in if you can give them a solid reason.

Do you understand the various stories being told by your hotel on its online channels?

Is your spending based on the gaps in the customer journey? Is there any area that prohibits poor rankings?

Do you have a mix of channels? What is your channel mix like?

Is it possible that you account for seasonality?

It is time to understand the key performance indicators you want to achieve and the goals you want to achieve after answering the questions above.

Think about the channels.

Depending on the gap you have to fill.

There are options for awareness, engagement, website traffic, specific audience targeting, channel shift.

Transient guests, meeting planners, repeat guests, previous website users, users in specific locations, guests of your competitors are who are you targeting? There is a list going on.

You can add more tools to your hotel paid media toolkit.

Adding to your arsenal is something you should consider. Some you know and some you don’t.

You can run ads as well as the usual ones. They spend less but have a higher return on their investment.
Channel shift fromOTAs to direct If you don’t need it, don’t spend here.
Gain more exposure through higher placement on sites like Kayak and Google Property Promoted ads.
It’s cost effective to target specific segments with social media ads.
Depending on your brand, there are different options for email marketing.
When your organic presence is struggling, you will never rank for search engine marketing.
There are many different providers and use cases for display ads. It’s best for creating awareness or exposure.
A display ad that uses your cell phone to determine your location in the last 18 months is called device ID targeting. Sample use cases include previous guests, airport travelers, event attendees, and more.
The type of display that reminds users of your hotel is called Remarketing.

There is a hotel digital paid media planning seminar.

The entire presentation can be watched below.

Contact if you have any questions.

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