As 2022 Midterms and Holidays Converge, Adapt Email Strategy

As 2022 Midterms and Holidays Converge, Adapt Email Strategy

Email marketers, get your act together. The next few months are going to be very difficult for us. This year is bad news for consumers because of the midterm elections and holidays.

It is going to be difficult to stand out in a crowded inbox through the end of the year because of an influx of political emails. You might be wondering if this has happened before. The holidays and election season are the same. Why is this so significant?

There is a recent pilot program from the internet giant. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) approved a request from the tech giant that would allow political senders to circumvent email filters. The program would work this way.

The pilot program requires that a candidate, party or political action committee apply.
They’re accepted into the program if their emails don’t contain illegal or fraudulent content and comply with program requirements.
Once accepted, emails from that sender will no longer be subject to forms of detection.

Our inboxes are about to fill up.

What does this mean for mailboxes?

Despite receiving approval from the FEC, no announcement has been made regarding the pilot program. Email marketers should be aware of the possible changes to consumer inboxes this season.

This holiday season is expected to see a 30% increase in global email volume.

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